Our company portfolio was developed based on the requirements of effervescent tablet technology, taking into account real life cycle capabilities and the latest innovations in pharmaceutical equipment development.

The portfolio includes advanced dosage forms, such as effervescent tablets and orodispersible tablets for oral absorption, manufactured under special conditions, as well as chewable tablets and other solid dosage forms.

Our current drug portfolio also includes over-the-counter generics.

PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ also carries out private label and contract manufacturing projects.

Our capabilities allow us to produce a wide range of nutritional supplements and other specialty products. Our portfolio of nutritional supplements contain a variety of multivitamin and mineral combinations for adults, children and athletes, including herbal extract products. Food supplements may also be produced in the form of chewing gums.

Trade nameActive substance(-s) and strengthPharmaceutical form and package typeIndicationsType of MedicineRegistrationSubcontract manufacturing service
UpstinonAcetylsalicylic acid 324 mgEffervescent tablets in sachets Alleviates mild pain and reduces feverOTCEE
Asprovit CAcetylsalicylic acid 400 mg, Ascorbic acid 300 mgEffervescent tablets in tubesAlleviates mild pain and reduces feverOTCRU
Asprovit+СAcetylsalicylic acid 400 mg, Ascorbic acid 300 mgEffervescent tablets in tubesAlleviates mild pain and reduces feverOTCEE
AsprovitAcetylsalicylic acid 500 mgEffervescent tablets in sachets; tubesAlleviates mild pain and reduces feverOTCEE
Mucovit 600Acetylcysteine 600 mgEffervescent tablets in sachets; tubesMucolytic agent for expectorationOTCEEAZ, GE, KZ, KG, MD, TM, VN, UZ, UA, RU- in process
Mucovit 200Acetylcysteine 200 mgEffervescent tablets in sachets; tubesMucolytic agent for expectorationOTCEEAZ, GE, KZ, VN, KG, MD,TM, UZ, UA, RU- in process
PadevixDextromethorphan 7,5 mg, Paracetamol 300 mgEffervescent tablets in sachets; blisters; tubesAlleviates mild pain and reduces fever. Symptomatic treatment of coughOTCEE
Trade nameCompositionDosage formRecommended
PolliVitalMultivitamins with rutinOrodispersible tabletsMultivitamins and bioflavonoid rutin enrich the daily diet.
OxiVitalVitamin E – 10 mg a-TE, Vitamin C – 50 mg, Vitamin A – 450 μg-RE, Selenium 20 μgOrodispersible tablets

Helps protect cells from oxidative stress and helps strengthen the immune system.
ResveratrolResveratrol 20 and 40 mgOrodispersible tablets

A fortifying agent
PexVitalMultivitaminsEffervescent tabletsAn additional source of vitamins.
SportActiveVitamins, mineralsEffervescent tabletsFor active lifestyle people and athletes during intense exercise.
Vitamin C100mg
Chewing tablets
Effervescent tablets
An additional source of vitamin C
Vitamin D3600IUOrodispersible tabletsAn additional source of vitamin D3

Equipment and technologies

Our company manufactures medicines and food supplements in the following dosage forms: effervescent tablets, uncoated tablets, prolonged-release tablets, dispersible tablets, chewable tablets and other solid dosage forms.

The technological processes of tablet manufacturing are carried out under conditions of controlled temperature and humidity, which ensure the high quality of our medicines.

Direct compression is the main method used for production of tablets from powder mixtures or from micro-granules. Granulation is performed on Herbert Hüttlin Ventilus V200 granulator.

The capabilities of Herbert Hüttlin Ventilus V200 granulator enable us to obtain products with the desired properties by fluid bed granulation method and to perform coating of active substance particles used in the technologies of modified-release dosage forms. The KILIAN S250 SMART and FETTE 1200 tablet presses are used at the stage of tableting. The technology of dry injection of magnesium stearate into the tablet pressing area helps to reduce the content of sliding substances in tablets and to ensure stable pressing parameters.

Interchangeable sets with different removable format parts of the equipment allow the production and packaging of tablets with different sizes and configurations.

Three production lines can be used simultaneously for tablet manufacturing and packaging.

Tablet packaging is carried out in parallel with the tablet press operation. An automatic packaging line Marchesini MST 300 loads tablets into strips, which are then conveyed to the Marchesini MA 100 line for a secondary packaging.

The Gordic F60 packaging line is used to fill tablets into polypropylene tubes.

The Heino Ilsemann BMP-250R packaging line loads tablets into blisters, which are made of ALU/PVC/PVdC  pocket forming film layer hermetically sealed with a layer of aluminium foil. The blister line is connected with a secondary packaging unit Heino Ilsemann CMP-200.


Technical information:

The Servolift Lifter mixing system including BIN blender (or IBC , an intermediate container) is the best way to process, mix and transport any powdered product of less than 4000 liters. The mixing process is very simple: the products are mainly ground and mixed by continuous rotation until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

The technical solutions of the Innojet VENTILUS 200 granulator are designed to enable the processes of granulation, coating and drying of microparticles and are based on fluid bed technology with given radial and tangential flow of process air that leads to a spiral flow direction of the product.


Max. batch size (kg, at 1g/cm3) 200
Min. batch size (kg, at 1g/cm3) 120
Product container inside ø = booster ø (mm) 800
Air quantity (m3/h) 3,200
Spray air quantity (Nm3/h at 3.0 bar spray pressure) 250
Particle size min. (μm) 10
Particle size max. (mm) 2
Materials (product-contacted) Stainless steel AISI 316l Borosilicate glass
Filter media, plastic and seals FDA certified
Pressure shock resistance (bar) 10

The S250 Rotary Tablet Press SMART Romaco Kilian is designed in accordance with the basic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and is suitable for pressing of any powdered tablet mixture.

Specifications of S 250 SMART

No. of punches 44 40 32 26
Tool type* (EU and TSM) B B B D
Die type BBS BB B D
Max. tablet diameter (mm) 11 13 16 25
Max. output (tablets/hour) 300.000 270.000 220.000 156.000

The manufacturing facilities of PLC PharmaEstica Manufacturing are equipped with the Kilian S 250 SMART tablet presses with the number of punches 26 and 40. If necessary, the tablet presses can be completed with format parts of 32 and 44 punch models.

The rotary tablet press Fette P 1200 is a productive single-flow tablet press for laboratory and pilot purposes. Fette P 1200 is a modular system that allows for quick change-over of the equipment when changing the format parts. The equipment includes an integrated lifting device for rapid change of the rotor with a mechanical fastening system, which allows the equipment to be positioned as a universal and reconfigurable construction.

The manufacturing facilities of PLC PharmaEstica Manufacturing are equipped with the tablet press Fette P 1200 with 20 stations. If necessary, the tablet press can be supplemented with additional rotors with format parts.


Number of Stations 32 30 24 20 20
Punch typ EU19 EU19 (IPT19) EU19 (IPT19) EU1“ (IPT1“) EU 1“-441
Tablet output per/h min 48.000 45.000 36.000 30.000 30.000
Tablet output per/h max 230.400 216.000 172.800 120.000 120.000
Max compr. force kN 80 80 80 80 80
Max. tablet dia. mm 11 13 16 25 25

GORDIC F-60 is a compact and flexible machine, which serves for the packaging of cylindrical tablets into plastic tubes. It is equipped with the SIEMENS S7 liquid crystal monitor, which displays operating instructions, error messages, the speed of packaging in tubes, etc. The machine is fully automated and protected from the external influences in accordance with the EU standards.


Tube length: 55-180
Tube Diameter: 19-35
Tube material: Plastic or Aluminium
Tablet diameter: 16-30
Tablet thickness: 3-10
Capacity: Nominal up to 60 tubes a minute or 60000 tablets an hour, depending on the number of tablets per tube.

An automatic machine for packaging of solid dosage forms in strips , is universal, compact, easy to disassemble into individual units and to maintain.

The work surfaces are made of stainless steel AISI 304S, with the structural elements made of nickel-plated steel and anodised aluminum.

The configuration complies with GMP standards.

The engine and the technical area of ​​the machine are separated from the functional modules.

All parts in contact with the product are made of a material approved by the FDA.

The versatility of the machine allows packaging of tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules and coated tablets using a heat-seal film.


Name Description Speed


Foils Reels with face and back images of strips Up to 150 RPM

(x5 strips

60×120 mm)

Product Tablets
Ink Cartridges for printing data onto back side of strips.

The Marchesini MA 100 horizontal cartoner machine is made with modules that allow the implementation of three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small area.

All modules are made in full compliance with GMP rules.

Fully transparent fences provide maximal visual control of the entire process.

A remote panel of process control is provided.


Name Description Speed


Carton Reverse tuck Up to 90 CPM
Product Tubes

Tablet strips

Leaflet Sheet feed

Ilsemann BMP 250 is a blister machine for thermoforming and cold forming. It has an ergonomic feed zone and is designed for automatic or manual feeding.

A continuous horizontal product flow after filling allows packaging of a variety of products with different size and shape.


Sealing principle rotary sealing
Forming material width 270
Usable punching area 258 x 160
forming area (index x width), max. 220 x 258 mm

optional for Alu / Alu 258 x 255 mm

Drawing depth 12/20
Forming cycles max. 75
Output max. 600

The machine is designed for a wide range of packaging formats of any kind of pharmaceutical products, with or without a leaflet.

The machine provides flexible, reliable and economical automation of the packaging process.

Due to the horizontal flow, Ilsemann CMP-200R is ideal for packaging of any kind of pharmaceutical products.

The productivity of the machine is about 150 packages per minute.