An essential prerequisite for PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ’s operations and an integral part of an effective business strategy is the development of innovative research efforts to develop new effective pharmaceutical formulations, to develop and deploy essential generics, bioactive agents and food supplements.

Several universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are collaborating on innovative new pharmaceutical formulations.

PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ’s substantial investment within the R&D sector ensures continuous expansion of its product portfolio. At the same time, investments in medical projects and innovative health products are made.

PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ’s guiding principle of producing high quality, effective pharmaceuticals and medications is guided by our core belief that our pharmaceuticals should improve the quality of life of patients. We strive to ensure that all of our product line have a high efficacy with minimal risk of side effects.

PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ strives to find innovative solutions to meet today’s healthcare needs through careful analysis.

PLC PharmaEstica Manufacturingis a full production cycle pharmaceutical company that manufactures medicines and biologically active food supplements.