PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ

PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ is a full production cycle pharmaceutical company that manufactures medicines and biologically active food supplements.

The main goal of the company is the development and production of effective, high-quality, safe and competitive medicines.

Our company manufactures medicines and food supplements in the finished dosage forms:

  • effervescent tablets;
  • orodispersible tablets (ODT)
  • chewable tablets;
  • uncoated tablets;
  • prolonged-release tablets;
  • other solid dosage forms.

Our values and mission

PharmaEstica’s mission is to support the physical wellbeing of it’s clients

  • Support – We support people around the world in their quest for physical well-being.
  • Earning – Through our daily work, we serve the interests of society, employees and investors.
  • Development – the world does not stand still, nor do we. Today we are better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.
  • Caring – We care deeply about all the people whom we have the honor to serve or to be in touch with.
  • Prosperity – Every day we strive to continuously improve the well-being of society and of every single member of our society who is dependent on us.
  • Happiness – is the value and condition we strive for every day.

Our history

Highlights of PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ (formerly Vitale-XD OÜ):

  • 1997 – PharmaEstica established as a company
  • 2000 – PharmaEstica became the first company in the Baltic States to produce effervescent tablets
  • 2002 – Introduction of a new, more productive tableting line
  • 2003 – Production is brought into compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements
  • 2003 – A valid license is obtained from the State Agency of Medicines
  • 2004 – Implementation of the first major development project realized with support and approval from Enterprise Estonia
  • 2017 – Company rebranding undertaken – Trading name PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ registered

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We are focused on targeted and efficient production of medicines

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